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Serving Orleans since 1985



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Let us know what you would like done and we'll do it! We only advertise the most common services, but seeing how we have been in business since 1985, chances are that it's not our first time! For more information, please contact us.





Bathroom needs an upgrade? No problem, we will work with you to build the bathroom of your dreams. Do not worry if you are not quite sure what you would like, we will share our ideas and provide you with suggestions to make it easier.

Need something constructed? Cabinets and shelves can do wonders for your home or business seeing how not enough storage space, is something that we can all relate too. However, we can help you get rid of clutter.

In need of new doors? Look no further, we will measure for you, eliminating that burden of not having the proper size  and show you various styles. Once the  choice is complete, we will take care of the delivery and installation. We offer a service that giant box stores can't match.

Is water leaking from the roof? You might need to get some repairs done to it. If so, give us call, we will have a look at it and tell you exactly what needs to be done. You can be surprised to hear that the solution isn't always the most expensive option.





Floors are due to be changed? Choosing the flooring is a BIG decision seeing how it can improve the  comfort and appeal of a room. We will gladly make suggestions and go over all the options with you.

Is your kitchen not maximising the available space? The kitchen is where quality time with friends and family is spent. We want to build you a kitchen that will impress and maximise the space you have.

Colours are annoying you? After a while, it's normal to want a new paint job done to your home/business. Painting a room will often have a HUGE impact and give it a  new look.

Are your windows foggy? It doesn't mean you need a new window! Perhaps just a new thermo. Let us determine what you need to solve the problem. We can save you money!

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SM Carpentry
Sm Carpentry
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